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Martin Cikánek - KREATIVNÍ PRŮMYSLY - příležitost pro novou ekonomiku

KREATIVNÍ PRŮMYSLY - příležitost pro novou ekonomiku
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Product description: Martin Cikánek - KREATIVNÍ PRŮMYSLY - příležitost pro novou ekonomiku

On the occasion of the ‘Forum for a Creative Europe’, a conference organised by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic during the Czech Presidency of the EU, the Arts and Theatre Institute issued a unique publication by Martin Cikánek titled Creative Industries – An Opportunity for a New Economy. This is the first ever Czech study devoted to this topic. On eighty pages divided into four chapters the author provides a well-researched and highly readable description of the historical development of cultural and creative industries from the Second World War up to the present. He focuses on terminological descriptions and gives a good idea of the enormous breadth of these phenomena and their presence in cultural policies and national economic strategies of all advanced states in the world.
Product code: 55837
Author: Martin Cikánek
Publisher: Institut umění - Divadelní ústav
Language: Czech
ISBN: 978-80-7008-231-7
EAN: 9788070082317
Year of publication: 2009
Pages: 86
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