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kolektiv autorů - Czech Theatre Review 1989–2009

selected articles on Czech theatre from the journal Divadelní revue

Czech Theatre Review 1989–2009
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Product description: kolektiv autorů - Czech Theatre Review 1989–2009

The publication Czech Theatre Review 1989–2009 comprises a selection of ten articles on theatre from the journal Divadelní revue (Theatre Review), originally published in the years 1989–2009, in English translation. The individual texts focus on a variety of historical, as well as theoretical issues related to Czech theatre culture, from an analysis of Jesuit and puppet plays to discussions of theatre directing and theory of the 1990s. The Czech journal for theatre studies Divadelní revue was founded at the Department for Czech Theatre Studies, which has been a part of the Arts and Theatre Institute in Prague. Currently it comes out three times per year as a fully reviewed periodical, consisting of thematic sections dedicated to historical and theoretical studies, analyses, essays, reviews, interviews, and documents related to Czech, as well as international theatre culture. Magdaléna Jacková The Mirror of Virtue, the Miracle of Eloquence, the Oracle of Wisdom. Jesuit Plays about St. Catherine of Alexandria • Pavla Pešková The Chateau Stages of the Wallenstein Family in Bohemia and Moravia • Alice Dubská The Puppet Play “The Hudlice Fair” in the Context of 17th¬ and 18th¬ Century Drama • Eva Šormová Hamlet 1926. An Analysis of Hilar’s Production of Hamlet in the Context of Interpretations of the Play • Jana Patočková Otomar Krejča: Artistic Theatre and Politics • Zdeněk Hořínek The Metaphorical Theatre of Fact. Some Comments on One Path Taken by Studio Ypsilon • Jan Roubal Two Alternative Trends in Ivan Vyskočil’s Nedivadlo • Vladimír Just The Language of Experanto: Dramatis (Im)Personae in the Plays of Václav Havel • Věra Velemanová Theatre Director Petr Lébl and Scenographer William Nowák: Two Men in One • Jaroslav Etlík Theatre as Experience. On the Relationship Between the Noetic and Ontological Principles in Theatre Art.
Product code: 55927
Subtitle: selected articles on Czech theatre from the journal Divadelní revue
Author: kolektiv autorů
Publisher: Institut umění - Divadelní ústav
ISBN: 978-80-7008-252-2
EAN: 9788070082522
Year of publication: 2011
Pages: 224
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