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Černá Martina (ed.) - Czech Theatre´s Top 50: Czech Performance Collection 2012

Czech Theatre´s Top 50: Czech Performance Collection 2012
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Product description: Černá Martina (ed.) - Czech Theatre´s Top 50: Czech Performance Collection 2012

The Czech Performance Collection 2012: Czech Theatre´s Top 50 is a catalogue of theatre projects available for international touring. It contains five chapters devoted to individual theatre forms: drama, opera, dance, puppet theatre, physical/visual/new writing theatre. You will find information on the productions and companies, contact details, and basic technical information and fees including information on any awards that have been won in connection with the production, and quotes from the press highlighting the production’s unique qualities. In the cases of productions that require translation information is given on whether the production can be performed with subtitles or even in another language. Each production is presented also through a 5–10-minute recorded excerpt.
Product code: 55992
Author: Černá Martina (ed.)
Publisher: Institut umění - Divadelní ústav
Year of publication: 2012
Pages: 165
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