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Lukeš, M. - Mezi karnevalem a snem

Mezi karnevalem a snem
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Product description: Lukeš, M. - Mezi karnevalem a snem

A collection of essays written – with the exception of several earlier and substantially revised essays – during the 1990s, most of which were published in The World and Theatre. The title of the collection provides a clue to how in Lukeš’s opinion the theatre of today resembles that of Shakespeare (Bachtin’s notion of the carnival and the Jungian interpretation of dream). Many years of critical experience combined with a deep knowledge of Shakespeare – who is always and it seems inexhaustibly a ‘contemporary’ of each new generation of audiences – allow the author to examine contemporary theatre through a body of work that vividly reflects the changes that have occurred in the theatre in the past century.
Product code: 54214
Author: Lukeš, M.
Publisher: Institut umění - Divadelní ústav
ISBN: 80-7008-158-9
EAN: 9788070081589
Year of publication: 2003
Pages: 366
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