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kolektiv autorů - Divadlo v České republice 2003-2004 (CD-ROM)

Divadlo v České republice 2003-2004 (CD-ROM)
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Product description: kolektiv autorů - Divadlo v České republice 2003-2004 (CD-ROM)

This yearbook covering the activities of Bohemian, Moravian, and Silesian theatres is designed to create as comprehensive a picture as possible of the events in Czech theatre culture. Alongside a list of premieres and repertoires for the season it contains chapters on theatre festivals and theatre awards, a list of graduates of Czech theatre schools, and chapters on foreign companies in the Czech Republic and Czech theatre abroad. The yearbook also contains indexes of names, titles, and subjects.
Product code: 54630
Author: kolektiv autorů
Publisher: Institut umění - Divadelní ústav
ISBN: 1802-1476
EAN: 9771802147002
Year of publication: 2006
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