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Ševčíková Lucie, Žáková Eva (ed.) - Czech Contemporary Art Guide

Czech Contemporary Art Guide
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Product description: Ševčíková Lucie, Žáková Eva (ed.) - Czech Contemporary Art Guide

This Guide to Contemporary Czech Art is the latest in a series of publications devoted to different aspects of Czech culture. The backbone of the guide is a historical survey of the development of Czech art from 1900 to the present day, along with profiles of 40 artists. The illustrations included are intended to illuminate aspects of the text and offer a condensed understanding of the development of Czech art. The guide also lists the most important institutions and provides links to museums and galleries, theoreticians and curators, media, art schools, prizes and a bibliography. Individual entries include a short commentary and a description of the infrastructure and historical development of the sphere in question. The breadth, variety and potential of the Czech art scene exceed the scope of this publication. Please regard this guide as a primer pointing the way forward to further knowledge and appreciation.
Product code: 56014
Author: Ševčíková Lucie, Žáková Eva (ed.)
Publisher: Institut umění - Divadelní ústav
ISBN: 978-80-7008-294-2
EAN: 9788070082942
Year of publication: 2012
Pages: 78
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