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It’s Time THAT Changed (Pora eto izmenit´)

It’s Time THAT Changed (Pora eto izmenit´)
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Product description: It’s Time THAT Changed (Pora eto izmenit´)

An anthology of Czech drama published in Russian translation containing the works of Josef Topol: The End of Shrovetide, Ladislav Smoček: The Strange Afternoon of Dr. Zvonek Burke, Pavel Landovský: Hour Hotel, Jan Antonín Pitínský: The Girl’s Room, Arnošt Goldfam: Sand, Lenka Lagronová: Antelope, Petr Zelenka: Tales of Common Insanity, Egon Tobiáš: It’s Time THAT Changed.
Product code: 55906
Publisher: Institut umění - Divadelní ústav
ISBN: 80-7008-155-4
EAN: 9788070081554
Year of publication: 2003
Pages: 277
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