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Volánková, Iva - Minach

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Product description: Volánková, Iva - Minach

Three acts that are existentially toned explorations of intimate human relationships and in a ‘Bernhardian’ way leave much unsaid. Minach is a monologic dialogue that a Sister has with her silent Brother and a conversation with her lover Louis. Head or Tales is again an asymmetrical dialogue between a Woman and a silent Man confined to a chair, a variation on the theme in the first act: the inability to change a painful almost sadomasochistic sexual relationship. The Future of My Self is a dialogue between terminally ill Woman 1 and her paid nurse Woman 2. The anxiety over the approaching end of life on the one side is countered by hope on the other side that the money earned from helping the sick woman with allow the nurse to start a new life. A ‘business’ relationship is countered by a ‘human’ relationship and situation.
Product code: 54217
Author: Volánková, Iva
Publisher: Institut umění - Divadelní ústav
ISBN: 80-7008-160-0
EAN: 9788070081600
Year of publication: 2003
Pages: 67
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