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V.Havel / P.Zelenka / D.Drábek - Teatro checo contemporáneo

Teatro checo contemporáneo
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Product description: V.Havel / P.Zelenka / D.Drábek - Teatro checo contemporáneo

An anthology of Czech plays in Spanish translation: Václav Havel: The Garden Party, Petr Zelenka: Tales of Common Insanity, and David Drábek: Aquabelles. The anthology was published in April 2009 by Emergentes Publishers in Argentina in cooperation with the Arts and Theatre Institute and the Czech Centre in Buenos Aires. The three plays included in this volume are revised Spanish translations by Monika Zgustová, Ivora Rodriguez, and Iván Gutiérrez, adapted to the context of Argentina by Argentine editors. The foreword to the publication was written by Kamila Černá. Teatro checo contemporáneo, in translation Contemporary Czech Theatre, is the first title in a new publishing series issued by Emergentes Publishers, the objective of which is to re-evaluate the political, economic, social, and cultural context of every text and the information, original influences, and references present in the work by the given author. Argentina is genuinely a great power in the Spanish-speaking world when it comes to the book market, but drama publications are often lacking from the selection of works offered by Argentine publishers. This new publishing series by Emergentes Publishers is trying to fill in this gap.
Product code: 55847
Author: V.Havel / P.Zelenka / D.Drábek
Publisher: Institut umění - Divadelní ústav
ISBN: 978-80-7008-226-3, 978-987-24940-0-1
EAN: 9788070082263
Year of publication: 2009
Pages: 193
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