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C.Batlle / J.M.Benet i Jornet / G. Rodríguezová - Tři katalánské hry

Tři katalánské hry
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Product description: C.Batlle / J.M.Benet i Jornet / G. Rodríguezová - Tři katalánské hry

Carles Batlle: Temptació The play tells the stories of three people whose lives accidentally intersect: Aisha is a young illegal immigrant from Morocco, Guillem is a Catalan owner of an antique shop, who is engaged in the illegal activity of human trafficking, and Hassan is an old man that enters Guillem’s home to meet with an old friend from his youth. An encounter between these three characters results in a string of fateful errors that lead to the play’s final tragedy. The play is about the conflict of cultures, mutual miscommunication, various national traditions, and above all about contemporary Spain in the throes of radical social changes. Josep M. Benet i Jornet: Soterrani The play is a dialogue between two men, which begins as a banal conversation and gradually transforms more and more into a disturbing and mysterious discussion. One of the men is looking for a lost woman, the second evidently knew her. Dark moments in the past of both characters come out. Their conversation is full of evasive responses, hidden meanings, and aggressive verbal attacks. The author provocatively juxtaposes the violence that stems from boredom or personal obsessions and the violence that accompanies war conflicts. Gemma Rodríguez: 35.4 Estem Quedant Fatal This play is an intelligent, mordant tragicomedy about the world of business in the globalised economy, where the abuse of power is the rule and interpersonal and professional relations are distorted. The action takes place in the office of the Barcelona branch of a major German business. The number 35.4 represents the average age of the employees as recommended by the central office in Germany, and it is a fundamental piece of information for the Germans’ planned reorganisation of the business in Spain. With liberating humour, the play voices the theory that the entire world economy is in the hands of sick madmen and demimondaines, constantly clambering up the professional ladder, and owing to its rotten leadership the world is falling head over heels into an economic crisis.
Product code: 55829
Author: C.Batlle / J.M.Benet i Jornet / G. Rodríguezová
Publisher: Institut umění - Divadelní ústav
ISBN: 978-80-7008-224-9
EAN: 9788070082249
Year of publication: 2008
Pages: 137
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