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Miholová Kateřina, Šaldová Lenka, Ježková Zuzana - Zmoudření Dona Quijota Dyk - Zavřel - Kysela

Zmoudření Dona Quijota   Dyk - Zavřel - Kysela
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Product description: Miholová Kateřina, Šaldová Lenka, Ježková Zuzana - Zmoudření Dona Quijota Dyk - Zavřel - Kysela

Interactive reconstructions of the essentials Czech Theatre productions of the 20th century are presented on ten modern user friendly DVD-ROMs. IR will introduce users to the latest discoveries about the theatre and its times. The interactive DVD-ROM of each production integrates the archival materials with a newly written academic monogram, and an animated reconstruction of the stage design of the production. It functions both in Czech and English. It is NOT classic DVD-Film remake of the production, where the production would be staged with contemporary actors. Interactive reconstruction provided a detailed analysis of one work of Czech top theatre makers. Each IR attempts to think through lost or hidden context, in order to be able to make a brave generalization. The complete gathered material, accessible on each DVD-ROM will enable the viewer to create his own opinion. This material is an independent source for further academic work, study, an inspiration for contemporary and future theatre makers, critics, theorist, art historians, historians, translators, etc. It is up to the viewer to decide how deep he wants to go into the study of the particular production; the DVD-ROM functions as a sealed html application. This makes it available to anybody with knowledge of the Internet.
Product code: 55958
Author: Miholová Kateřina, Šaldová Lenka, Ježková Zuzana
Publisher: Institut umění - Divadelní ústav
ISBN: 978-80-905067-0-1
Year of publication: 2011
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