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Kolektiv autorů - Básník světla a prostoru. Artist of Light and Space

Básník světla a prostoru. Artist of Light and Space
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Product description: Kolektiv autorů - Básník světla a prostoru. Artist of Light and Space

Catalogue was published on the occasion of the exhibition of the same name in Municipal House, which wa an accompaniment to the 11th Prague Quadrennial 2007. The stage work of František Tröster was already study by his contemporaries and today it is the subject of numerous studies and articles. The exclusiveness of Tröster’s work lies in its absolute allegiance to the scenic space. Neither image nor architecture, his design was purely an integral part of the dramatic work.
Product code: 54983
Author: Kolektiv autorů
Publisher: Divadelní ústav Praha, Obecní dům, Národní muzeum
ISBN: 879-80-86339-38-2
EAN: 8798086339382
Year of publication: 2007
Pages: 191
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