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Collective of Authors - Czech Theater Photography

Czech Theater Photography
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Product description: Collective of Authors - Czech Theater Photography

The Czech Theater Photography monograph is devoted to the history of theater photography in the territory of the Czech state and covers a period of over 150 years from the earliest photographs dated 1859 to the present. The book presents studio portraits typical of the late 1800s as well as the interwar period when first photographs of actual theater productions started appearing and avant-garde companies began using photographs in their stage design. A sizable section is dedicated to the “golden 1960s” when photography became fully established as an art form and legendary small theaters started appearing. The final part of the book is dedicated to the changes brought by digital photography and the emergence of the internet. The book contains hundreds of quality reproductions of photographs depicting major Czech theaters and theater artists including photographs from the National Theater, Osvobozené Divadlo (Liberated Theater), Divadlo D34, Semafor, Činoherní Klub, Divadlo Za Branou, Husa na Provázku and many others. The monograph is based on several years of original research conducted in dozens of museums and archives and includes photographs which are published for the very first time.
Product code: 25852682
Author: Collective of Authors
Publisher: Arts and Theatre Institute
Authors: Martin Bernátek, Anna Hejmová, Martina Novozámská
Year of publication: 2018
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